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To see 20 or 30 grown men so emotional made me feel pretty proud that

David Wright - You look in the stands and you see grown men crying.

Grown men are suppose to look like grown men, not like baby-smooth

Some grown men will always be boys. | Quotes | Pinterest

This reminds me of my husband. Yesterday he said, why does grown men

Grown Men Quotes

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Grown Men Quotes

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Amen! I hate weak men. Worse men that are weak to their wives, but can

is a place where grown men have gone insane. It is a place where men


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The Independent Inquiry Committee now claims that Mr. Sevan received

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have 2 wonderful boys, who have grown into 2 wonderful men More

Grown men shouldnt play games, mind gameswhatever you want to call

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The following picture has been popping up on my facebook for the past

Grown men recognize grown women thats uber Yummy! More

about what men think than men actually spend thinking – Quotes Lover