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Friendship is like peeing in your pants

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Positive Thinkers.: Stop being afraid of what could go wrong.


Notable Quotations from Female Dress Reformers

Young Sam Clemens being rescued by a black slave woman. Illustration

Evolution Revolution: Quote Me: Celebrating Women

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The powerful AfriWOMAN

The fame aspect of winning the Masters besides being married and

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Iris Murdoch: “I think being a woman is a bit like being Irish

God grant me the strength . . More

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Being a good person does not depend on your religion or status in life

Funny Woman Quote: Quotations that Help Us Lighten Up

Heart Broken Quotes and Sad Heartbroken Quotations | Papansin Kaba?

Quotes About Being Strong

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Quotes from women about being a woman! Men/women jokes & more.

Funny Quotes About Being A Woman | Funny Quotes About Life

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Quotes About Being Independent Being independent - money

Positive Thinkers.: Life is short. Dont wast it being angry or sad.

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