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Bill Bucholtz - They like seeing new teams. It really brings the kids

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Jack Wyant - Weve played a number of really strong teams recently and

didnt think they were into the flow yet. They werent as bad as

: Building Strong Effective Teams - Includes Motivation Quotes

- Building Strong Effective Teams. Includes Motivation Quotes

play the game, but teams beat the odds (Navy SEAL Team Saying

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at its best. We thought Venezuela (and the DR) were strong teams

strong and talented teams of executives in place tosustain the growth

Dan Garcia - Its a good team. You dont come by good teams very often

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Learn the anatomy of a strength, discover the source of your signature

Hes strong enough to handle the 3 (small forward) and athletic enough

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re operating strong as a crew. We have to continue to operate strong

Brian McClennan - Communication is what makes a team strong.

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The U.S. may be keeping rates strong for the foreseeable future. Its

really tough group. The three teams in our group are really strong

You have to be mentally strong. Mentally tough. The minute you

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