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Words can hurt more than you think they can by *kira-saba on

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Think before you speak, remember words can hit a person much harder

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46 sticks&stones may break my bones but | stepping out of the 852

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news for Danny Gokey’s new single “More Than You Think I Am

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just bc of bullying Words do hurt. They hurt worse than you think

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et what hurt you but never et what it taught you

WORDS? JUST WORDS? Based on quotes from Obamas book, should we

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to verbally assault us. Silence hurts so much more than words then

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hurt you, betrayed you, or broke your heart, for they have helped you

Quotes Picture: i love you more than i did before and if today i dont

difference between pain and anger. But when I am hurt people think

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Words really do hurt people Think befor you say things because you

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