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you, I saw my whole world flash before my eyes. I saw my today, my

air as you be a you are my world quotes you are my world song you


Day Without You. My World Had Revolved Around You But Now You

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You Light Up My World, And Make Me Forget All My Fears, You Are My

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You changed my world with just one smile you took my heart with just

in ear - i love you, whyd you whisper it, because you are my world

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are my best friend my human diary and my other half you mean the world

You Are My World Quotes. QuotesGram


wherever you are, my world Is their, my heart is their, and Im there

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Happiness Quote ~ You Make My ld Go Around. |

Quotes from Hamizah Eddie: Welcome to my world ! Lets dance in the

on this special day sending you all my love to wish you happiness


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You Are My World Quotes

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Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your

You Are My World Quotes